Secure WEEE disposal and on-site data destruction

UK IT Recycling Ltd is proud to be fully compliant with the WEEE Directive.

With new EU laws for the disposal of waste electronic and electrical equipment being imposed all the time, it is important to stay up to date and this is where UK IT Recycling Ltd can save you time and money by handling the whole process from start to finish.

WEEE Compliance

As one of the UKs largest computer disposal and recycling companies UK IT Recycling Ltd provide a secure computer recycling program for companies all over the UK. We have devised a computer recycling and disposal scheme so companies within the UK can safely dispose of all computer equipment free of charge by dropping it off at our recycling plant in Condover, Shrewsbury or if collection is required simply contact us to arrange your WEEE collection from any UK location.

This service extends to members of the public wishing to drop off unwanted computer equipment for recycling and secure data destruction. Remember that just dropping your computer off at the local tip and crossing your fingers that no one steals your information is not a very secure method of disposal. We can securely destroy your data and provide you with a certificate of data destruction ensuring total data security and ethical disposal of your computer equipment.

This scheme covers the whole of the UK and on-site hard drive destruction is available using only CESG approved equipment and methods.

You and the law

UK IT Recycling will do all the legal work for you. We will guide you all the way in the disposal of your IT equipment and make sure it is recycled properly and in accordance with the WEEE directive and Data Destruction Act. You may need to register as a producer of hazardous waste but this is a fast and simple process that we can handle for you.

Contact us to see if your company needs to be registered. You are under no obligation and your call will be treated in the strictest confidence. Registration only takes a few moments or we can register your company with the Environment Agency on your behalf. Registering is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Certain organisations may not need to register, for instance hospitals, medical practices and places of education or if your company produces lass than 500kg of WEEE per year. If you require any advice regarding registering with the Environment Agency or to find out if you need to register give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Illegal exporting

Are you using a proper data destruction and recycling company or an illegal E-waste exporter? In recent years many new ‘recycling’ companies have sprung up in the UK; most are good reliable companies playing it by the book. Others however are simply after the equipment to export to developing countries where it is sold off to the highest bidder, usually with your data still on it. The first you will know about this, is when a newspaper reporter calls you to find out why your equipment is being burnt in one of Africas E villages.

It is our policy that all IT equipment must be disposed of in an environmentally safe way; making scenes like this a thing of the past!



What is E-waste?

The WEEE directive states that all redundant computer equipment is classed as E-waste. It also states that CRT monitors are classed as Hazardous waste. It is ILLEGAL to export E-Waste and Hazardous waste out of the UK. Illegal exporters of E-waste undermine law-abiding recycling businesses and risk harm to human health and the environment in the recipient country. We must work together to stop this illegal trader happening. E-waste is regulated by the Environment Agency and therefore the recycler handling your E-waste must be a fully registered computer recycler with them.

Waste Duty of Care

The Environmental Protection Act 1990 imposes a waste Duty of Care on all producers of waste, requiring them to ensure their waste is handled safely and within the law; from production to final disposal. It applies to anyone who produces waste from business or industry. Waste producers must ensure their waste is carried and dealt with by authorised companies. Failure to do so could result in illegal disposal and potential prosecution. Monitoring and inspection of this process by the Environment Agency has become increasingly rigorous. You need to be aware that your organisation has a Duty of Care to take all reasonable measures to protect the environment. You should be aware that:

  1. You must ensure your collection agents hold a Waste Carrier Licence
  2. You must ensure that your waste equipment goes to a licensed disposal site
  3. Your legal Duty of Care extends to when your equipment is reused, recycled or disposed of

In accordance with this, UK IT Recycling Ltd is fully licensed and regularly inspected by the environment agency to ensure correct management of your IT waste. Our Environment Agency Registration numbers and our ICO Registration numbers are:

  • Waste Management Site Code:  NCC/059280/2011
  • Producer Number: NZE427
  • Waste Carriage and Brokerage Number: CB/FM3188LW
  • ICO Registration Number: Z1781219

As we are fully licensed by the environment agency, you can be assured that you have fulfilled your duty of care in line with WEEE regulations.